The first words

Winter is published. The first draft of the sequel is cooling off, awaiting my return later this summer for overhaul. Meanwhile, a completely unrelated novel has been brewing for several months.

I think it’s ready.

You see…I’m the writer equivalent of a crock pot. A germ of an idea will get in my head and will simmer for ages before it’s even ready for prewriting. Then a little prewriting will yield more mental simmering. Eventually, the timer goes off and it’s ready to begin.

So tonight, I do believe I will write those first words and begin a new novel. Oh, I’m not telling anyone about this one. In fact, I’m keeping it pretty tight-lipped until it’s published. Only a few people know anything about it and my publisher is one of them. Suffice it to say, if I pull off what I’ve pitched to her, I think she’ll jump on it.

Anyway…those first words are pretty special. They’re often the most difficult and most scary. But once the ice is broken…

Well, you know.



    • Only in this case because I’m not willing to constantly explain myself and subject myself to the befuddled stares. Since you’re one of my editors, maybe I’ll give you the pitch later.


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