SB Blog Tour: Rift Jump, by Greg Mitchell

I’m especially excited to get to host this blog tour and to share a little about this awesome book because I had a hand in editing it. At the end of this post are some links to other sites where you can get more awesome content about this book and find out more details about Rift Jump.

As for me…I get the privilege of presenting the Rift Jump Soundtrack. This is a collection of songs put together by the author, with page numbers of where you should listen to the song. If any of you have followed me in the past, you know that I’m all about finding ways to put more multimedia into the written arts. At one point I even thought of doing this EXACT THING for Winter. But it seemed like way too much work and I never got around to it. I’m glad Greg wasn’t as lazy as me.

Before I give you the soundtrack, here’s the back cover copy of Rift Jump so that you’ll get the gist of the story. The coolness of the soundtrack should also help give you a feel for what you’ll be getting.

RIFT JUMP by Greg Mitchell

The day Michael Morrison died was the day his life began.

A sinister threat is growing in the void between realities, and Michael has been recruited to stop it. Ripped from his own violent life, he is sent rift jumping to other worlds seeking out the agents of the Dark and putting them to an end by any means necessary. The love of his life, Sara, joins him as he battles Civil War space ships, sea serpents, superpowered humans, and even his own duplicate from a parallel timeline.

But the darkness he fights is growing within him too, calling him to the same destiny as every other Michael from every other world. If he is to change his fate, he must learn to love, to forgive, to trust, and to let the man in the Stetson guide him to become the warrior of the Light he was always meant to be.

*Note from Keven – the bold/italics are the corresponding chapter titles, followed by the page number. I’ve also inserted YouTube links to these songs and constructed a handy-dandy YouTube playlist. Sorry about the Hootie song. That was the ONLY video available.


Click here for the YouTube playlist containing all the songs in order

1. “Four Rusted Horses” – Marilyn Manson – Boy From the Stars, pg. 1
2. Transformers 3 trailer music/Thorgasm – Steve Jablonsky/Methodic Doubt – Opening Titles
3. “Welcome to the Jungle” – Guns N Roses – Bad Day At School, pg. 13
4. “Porcelain” – Better Than Ezra – Accident, pg. 29
5. “Bulls On Parade” (the clean version, if you prefer) – Rage Against The Machine – Surprise at the Electric Kitty, pg. 54
6. “Where Is My Mind” – Yoav (ft. Emily Browning) – Sara, pg. 57, 61
7. “Earth Stopped Cold At Dawn” – Hootie and the Blowfish – Leaving Home, pg. 79
8. “Horse and I” – Bat For Lashes – Acceptance, pg. 94
9. “It Will Not Be Forgotten” – The Pierces – Falling, pg. 107
10. “Kissing You” – Des’ree – Union, pg. 124
11. “Under My Umbrella” – Incubus – Under Siege, pg. 142
12. “Bad Romance” – 30 Seconds to Mars – From Different Worlds, pg. 189
13. “Possession” (piano version) – Sarah MacLachlan – Jealousy’s Fire, pg. 193
14. “Goodnight, Travel Well” – The Killers – Coming Home, pg. 227
15. “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” – Smashing Pumpkins – Killer Inside, pg. 238
16. “All Around Me” (acoustic) – Flyleaf – Saying Good-Bye, End Credits, pg. 244

Greg Mitchell can be found at:

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