Nerd Role Call

I’m a huge nerd. There I said it. But not just any nerd…I’m a nerd on multiple levels. I’m like an onion of nerdness. I have layers. So here’s my nerd role call–a list of all my nerdy glory.

Obviously I’m a nerd about writing, hence why I’m a writer. But beyond the basics of that I’m a huge nerd over plot development. I over analyze the plot of every book I read and every movie I watch. I break them down into their essential elements and assign each element to its appropriate plot device model. It’s an extension of my fascination with taking things apart to see how they work.

I’m a music nerd. I learned to read music at the same time I learned to read, and my first degree is in music education. I can play with reasonable proficiency, granted you give me a day or two to practice up, about fifteen instruments. I compose music every chance I get, and my Senior Recital featured five of my own compositions and me performing classical solo work on two different instruments. I can generally name the composer of a movie soundtrack within two or three guesses…but only if it’s one I don’t already have memorized, otherwise I’ll nail it within a few bars.

I’m a video game nerd. Don’t confuse me with a hard-core gamer. I’m just a nerd. I like Mario Kart, Metroid, and any of the Lego series. I grew up playing Atari and my parents still have my old NES, complete with Duck Hunt and “Mike Tyson’s” Punch-Out, not that sorry remake. I still remember the extra life codes for BOTH Contra games and I’ve beaten all the vintage Mega Man games. In my house you’ll find a Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Atari Flashback, and my computer sports both NES and SNES emulators. At my parents’ house there is a PS2 and the aforementioned NES. But I’m most nerdy about Zelda. If I could have my way, I’d own every single Zelda game ever made. I currently have seven Zelda games, including the emulator versions. For the Zelda literate I have: TLOZ, ALTTP, OOT, MM, TP, PHG, and SKYWARD SWORD! (I’m particularly excited about that one, right now because I got it for Christmas.) I want Wind Waker, but I’m content to wait a while. I also have six video game related t-shirts…two are Zelda.

I know the difference between Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly. If Captain Janeway was in charge of the Rebel Alliance, it would have been game over for the Empire in one movie. Mal out-smuggles Han all day long, and a movie featuring the Borg vs. Reevers would be most epic. As a side note, Reading Rainbow existed long before TNG.

I can tell you what movie was the first to have ALL its special effects (except for makeup and explosions) done by computer animation. Here’s some hints…1984, set in space, involves a video game. It’s just nerd goodness. Robynn Tolbert should figure this one out.

I love Tolkien. I have collector’s editions of LOTR, Simirillion, and the Hobbit. I have the extended edition DVDs…and I think I have the old cartoon somewhere. I have a crinkly old Middle Earth map and the LOTR edition of Trivial Pursuit. I’m also just a little afraid the world might actually end before I get a chance to watch the new Hobbit movie. A paper on the Simirillion I wrote in undergrad was published on One day I aspire to live in a Hobbit hole.

This is already running too long. What else? I still know how to operate in DOS. Power Rangers is just a rip-off of Voltron. The coolest of the X-Men is Shadowcat. Owning a DeLorean would be the best thing ever. Luna Lovegood is the most awesome character in the series. Dragons are pretty much my favorite animal. (Not that into Ligers.) MST3K was pure genius. I can recite the books of the Bible in less than 30 seconds. (Yes, all of them.) Dexter’s Laboratory was the original Phineas and Ferb. I HAVE THE POWER!

And Twilight is my favorite book…


Oh…there’s so much more. But I think I’ve said enough for tonight. I realize I may have said some things you don’t get. I’m happy to explain. Just ask.



    • I totally want Wind Waker! But the best price I can find is $30 for a USED copy. I’d rather not spend that if I don’t have to. I’m kinda hoping I’ll run across someone giving it away or willing to sell it cheap.


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