The Music of Faith Awakened

Guest post by Grace Bridges.

I remember the first time I encountered songs written into novels. I thought it was very cool. So when the opportunity arose to include some in my own book, I decided to go for it. At the time (2007)  I was sharing an apartment with a very talented German pianist who provided some of the compositions. We worked on lyrics together based on the story, and I had already written one song several years earlier which was suitable. There are four in total. We recorded them roughly on a laptop in the living room, and you can hear them on our old profile set up just for that purpose at Don’t expect any great quality here, it’s just what we were able to do at the time. But I firmly believe that if there are song lyrics in a book, then it should be possible to hear how the tune goes. Ruth sings solo for a couple of songs and adds harmony on the others. I wrote “Remember” in 2001 at a campground on an island, in fact rather like the one mentioned in the book…

(Nope, not related. Ya think? Pic from 2007)

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