Splashdown Blog Tour: Devil's Hit List, by Frank Creed

This month, Devil’s Hit List, by Frank Creed released from my publisher. As part of the release celebration we are having a blog tour. This time around I get to host an excerpt!


Oh no, not again. I’d grappled to a helicopter before. Prayer on my lips, my body hit overdrive. Mindware took charge. Running out into the street, I shot a molecular bonding grapple at the nearest chopper’s belly, and set my winch to reeling.

I sprang up into the air.

On my way up, I shot my left-handed grapple near the top of the canopy.

The pilots had to be freaked. One couldn’t shoot at me without damaging his friend, and the other banked away from the ladies on the ground, wiggling the craft to shake me loose.

When I reached the helicopter, I released my first grapple and allowed the second to wind tight. Snug against the gunship, I gasped for breath against the rotor wash. With my right hand I drew a short sword from its scabbard in the lining of my duster. In a second I had carefully cut the hydraulic line. Fluid spurted across the windscreen like mechanical blood, the bird began to spin, and—the next step required the faith of a prophet—I released from the chopper.

As I fell, I grappled to the flat roof of a nearby six-story building.

Reeling in cable, I angled my fall and sheathed my sword.

Another burst of vex’s high-explosive rounds burst against the remaining chopper. Its pilot saw the fate of his friend and, evidently, he decided to live to fight another day because he banked and rose into the night’s low cloud cover.

My rolling impact with the roof knocked all the air out of me and crashed a wave of nauseous pain through my body. As I lay on the flat white rubber rooftop making a froglike sucking noise, and right before a large explosion, familiar faint high-pitched sounds whined from the street level. Goliaths.

Frank Creed is a novelist of Christian speculative fiction. His favorite sub-genre to write in is Christian cyber-punk. Frank’s shorter fiction has been published in anthologies as well as e-zines. Frank Creed is the founder of the Lost Genre Guild, an online group of writers, artists and fans of Christian speculative fiction.

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