6 Randomly Fun Things to Do this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is in just a few days, but most of the world is already celebrating Christmas. So in order to help put the focus a little more on being thankful, I’ve come up with six randomly fun things to do with your family this Thanksgiving, that will hopefully bring a little cheer and humor this Thursday, while poking a little fun at those who have nearly skipped Thanksgiving and gone straight to Christmas, AND is sure to make this Thanksgiving memorable and unique. Got any more ideas? Please leave them in the comments!

6. Go caroling.

Learn some actual Thanksgiving songs and go to your neighbors’ houses to sing them. Here are some suggestions: 1. “Food Glorious Food” from Oliver. 2. “Count Your Blessings” from White Christmas. 3. “Thanksgiving Prayer” by Johnny Cash, 4. “Thanksgiving Song” by Mary Chapin Carpenter. 5. “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. 6. “The Thanksgiving Song” by Adam Sandler. 7. “Over the River and Through the Woods” by Lydia Maria Child. 8. “We Gather Together” hymn. 9. “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. 10. “Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie” by Jay & the Techniques. “All Things Bright and Beautiful” hymn. 11. “Come Ye Thankful People Come” hymn.


5. Make paper pilgrim hats.

Using construction paper, get with your children and make pilgrim hats for everyone that is coming to eat. Pass them out just before eating and ask everyone to wear them for a family photo. If they won’t wear them, stare at them until they do. Maybe have one of the kids photobomb the family photo with a Native American headdress instead.

pilgrim pose

4. Be thankful in public.

Go to the mall (or any other crowded place), stand on a bench, and shout the things you are thankful for. Point to people as they walk by and ask them to do the same.


3. Wrap a phone.

This one is for those people who put up their Christmas trees before Thanksgiving (sigh). But have some fun with it none-the-less. Steal someone’s phone, sneak off, wrap it, and put it under the tree before they notice. If you get away with it, do another. See how many you can wrap before anyone notices. If they do notice, challenge them to leave it there until the Thanksgiving family time is over.

wrapped cell phone

2. Cook a pregnant turkey.

Purchase and cook a Cornish hen. Before serving your turkey, put it inside the turkey. You might can cook them together…I’m not a chef or anything, so I’m not sure if that’ll work. When serving the turkey “discover” the Cornish hen and proclaim, “Oh! This turkey must have been pregnant!”


1. Give out Snickers bars.

Buy a sack of Snickers bars and take them with you shopping on Black Friday. Hand them out randomly to people who seem to have lost the spirit of giving. If they ask why, just say, “Because you get a little grumpy on Black Friday.” And walk off.

snickers bars-k

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