A major announcement concerning my writing career…

closedSome of you have been following my writing career for years, and those that have been following closely know what I’m about to write. You were there at the beginning when Winter was entered into the Marcher Lord Select Premise Contest and you helped it become a finalist. That contest launched me into publishing with Splashdown Books in 2011. One book became two in 2012. Two became three, and by December 2017 the entire four book series was complete.

But by then I was dealing with something unexpected. The publishing world requires an author to do the lion’s share of promotion and marketing, which necessitates a good deal of self-promotion. On the other hand, I had gone full-time in ministry, which expects a certain amount of piety and humility. What happened was a clash of ideologies that I never quite figured out how to balance.

I was heavily criticized for my self-promotion, the content of my spiritual thriller novels, and even whether or not writing fiction was a proper use of a minister’s time. I found it necessary, to save my ministry career, to cease all marketing efforts in my writing career. It’s no surprise, then, that book four has sold less units in its lifetime so far than book one sold in the first week. But writing still remained an important part of my calling, and I knew I had to find some kind of solution to make it work.

About a year and a half ago I made a decision to shift my writing career to a pen name. In truth, I should have started with one. Though I don’t intend to hide my writing career as a minister, using separate names will help me to segregate those worlds. I will tell people I’m a writer freely. If they want to learn more, I’ll tell them how. If they have no interest in it, they don’t have to enter that world.

When I made that decision, I started a new website for that pen name. (Side note on the name that I chose – it is the name of my great-grandfather, who passed in 1989. Most of my memories of him involve him telling stories.) Since establishing that pen name, I’ve been building a new social media presence and slowly moving relevant blog posts from this website to the other. Eventually, all social media with my real name will be locked down with full privacy and become completely personal.

Several months ago, I pulled the paperbacks of my books (though I left the Kindle versions up.) I am in the process of transferring my original books to the pen name and will rerelease them soon, with revamped covers.

I’m working on a new novel and have begun learning the process of screenwriting to expand my career onto film. I also started writing some Legend of Zelda fan-fiction over on Wattpad, writing under the pen name, and immediately won an award for it last fall. That story is being written in such a way that I can later edit out recognizable details and publish it as an original work.

It’s an exciting time in my writing career, and I feel a freedom to build it properly in a way I haven’t felt for years. Thank you for following me in my first writing career as Keven Newsome. I hope that you will continue following me in my second, rebooted, writing career as Oliver D. King.

Below are the links to all the important things you need to follow if you choose to do so.

Thanks again for all your support.



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