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For Churches

  • The Generations in the Church – a comparative look at the four major generations within the church, their characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and how each generation interacts with the others. The study is to help churches understand the generational composition within their church and to help them develop better ministries to reach those generations.
  • Communicating With the Dead – a detailed look at what the Bible says about this controversial topic, how it compares with worldly perspectives, and how Christians should respond to the topic.
  • The Founding of Islam – a look at Muhammad’s experiences with the angel Gabriel and how the founding of Islam began with violent spiritual attacks.
  • The Nature of the Soul – a look at the body and soul as described in the Bible, exploring the meanings of the various words used in the Greek and Hebrew, and how we can better understand how God created us.

For Writers

  • Story Building Mastery – a topic for aspiring writers on how to better understand different aspects of story building and how to use that knowledge to build better stories.
  • The Hero’s Journey – exploring the basic steps of the Hero’s Journey and how to make them work for you in your story.
  • The Changing Publication Industry – the recent and ongoing evolution of the publication industry and what it means to the future of writing.
  • How to Plan a Better Paced Story – how to use simple outlining techniques that help you plan better pacing in your story without compromising spontaneous creativity.
  • How to Plan a Better Paper – how to use word-counting in your outline process in order to revolutionize the way you approach academic writing.