Supernatural Theology

Michael, by Raphael

Supernatural Theology, or to be more precise the Theology of the Supernatural, is the study of alleged occurrences where the spiritual world has interacted with the physical world, with emphasis on a Biblical Theological understanding of the supposed phenomenon.  Within this are several sub-categories, and there may be some overlap during investigation until the specific phenomenon can be identified.

  • Afterlife – the human experiences after death.  Investigation in this area will include ghosts and NDEs (Near Death Experiences).
  • Angels & Demons – spiritual beings created by God to be helpers and messengers.  Demons are Angels corrupted during the fall of Satan.  Investigation in this area will include demonic hauntings, demonic possession, demonology, angelic help and sightings, angelic messages, and angelology.
  • Magic & Power – abilities of humans to manipulate the physical and the spiritual.  Investigation in this area will include psychic abilities, voodoo, wiccan magic, and satanic magic.
  • Miracles – direct unexplained intervention in rescue or healing by the Spirit of God.
  • Special Knowledge – knowledge given by God to one of his followers, either by vision, prophecy, or direct speech.

Why aren’t UFO’s on this list?  I’m glad you asked!  Well, if UFO’s and aliens are real, then they aren’t supernatural, are they?  On the other hand, if they are not real, then they are either: 1) natural phenomenon, 2) government experiments, 3) merely a product of the power of suggestion, or 4) a product of demonic mischief.  I will deal with UFO’s only to the point that I rule out option 4, which would be in the category of Angels & Demons.  Once that is ruled out, then the occurrence is outside of Supernatural Theology.

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